topics under consideration

i suppose it’s only natural that when you are going through Some Shit™ you become more introspective, which is why so many blogs (and books, for that matter) are about Life Events. mommy blogs. cancer blogs. wedding-planning blogs. quarter-life-crisis blogs? is that a thing? 

i’m far too fickled and distractable for that. it’s why i tell myself i don’t have a graduate degree. the idea of doing a thesis or dissertation on some ultra-narrow topic, makes me twitchy. i joke that i’m a jill of all trades and a master of none, and it’s true. i like to think deeply about things, just … not for too long. i’m not bragging. my life would be very different (better?) if i had a bit more stick-to-it-ness. but i explain all this to set up the revelation that this blog won’t be about anything in particular.

thus, full of prunes. it’s an old-timey saying that my gram used to use about me sometimes. it means silly, nonsensical. whenever i asked her something i thought was profound, she said i was being silly … or full of prunes. i swear, i think she believed i was trying to wind her up, but i really wanted to know if it was biologically possible for identical twins married to identical twins to have identical children. (i still don’t know the answer.)

anyway, i have kids, but i am no mommy blogger. i’ve struggled with mental illness, but it’s not a mental health blog. i have cancer … well, you get the idea. so to help you, the nascent reader of my blog, determine if this is the place for you, i’m compiling some things i may write about (in no particular order):

midlife angst/gen X stuff, ’80s pop hits, mental health/psychology, design/photography, traveling, leadership, parenting, british mystery shows, DIY, navel-gazing, cancer, grammar, idiosyncrasies, reading, education, philosophy, personality tests, iced tea, poetry, general angst/ennui, cooking/baking, hiking, crafts, writing, true crime, unsolicited (or solicited) advice

things i probably won’t write about (but who knows?):

the kardashians/reality tv, gardening, sports, investing, podcasts, muscle cars, science (real or fiction), video games, crossfit, technology, puppers/woofers, wedding planning, mushroom foraging, cryptocurrency, geocaching, ham radios, wine or fancy cheese

if you have strong feelings about topics you would like me to write about (or not write about), by all means, throw them in the comments. nothing inspires me like a random request.


3 thoughts on “topics under consideration

    1. everything i know about munchausen’s by proxy i learned from crime shows. a fact that is true about a great many things, truth be told. i will, without doubt, do my very best to work it into a future post.

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