about me

i’m here. i’m not queer. but i have a lot of other nice qualities.

my name is kirsten (pronounced like kermit the frog), and i’m thrilled you decided to check out my blog.

i am a quasi rhode island native, with long layovers in missouri, boston and the san francisco bay area (#510lyfe). i live now in providence with my husband, my daughters and our dog, with my parents close by, in the flat downstairs. my favorite pastimes are reading, camping and hiking, tinkering on the computer, traveling (ask me about scandinavia, budapest, istanbul, lebanon or senegal), watching brit and scandi mysteries, making things with my hands, convincing my friends to take personality tests (i’m an INFJ) and introducing my californian family to everything east coast. i hope to use my talents, such as i possess, to make the world a better, kinder, more just place.