hello, world

i’ve been thinking about starting a new blog for a while now. this is my third blog, and it seems a strange endeavor. right now. ever, really. writing for free, out into a void. for what?

i started my first blog in … 2003. at the tender age of 30. a lifetime ago. i started it because: (1) i was going through Some Shit™, (2) i was basically a frustrated artist/writer person and (3) i thought it would help me grow my writing muscle (muscles?) to the point where i could become A Real Writer.

okay, okay. before we go too far, i want to get this out of the way. i am not some e e cummings poseur with the lack of caps (though i love me some e e). what i am is lazy, and so are my thumbs. i do socially mandated caps all day in my real job, but i give them a rest on social media and in texts (what even are personal emails?). so i’ll only be using caps for Dramatic Effect. i think it’s only a matter of time until the world follows suit. capital letters are the new two spaces after a period, IMO, so i’m going for it. YOLO. (my grammarly is going to lose its mind!)

anyway, this is my third blog. i’m no more a writer, in the conventional sense, than i was 17 years ago. but i write a lot (for work as well) and i’m pretty good at it, so in the literal sense of the word, i am a writer. now at 47, that’s enough for me.

it’s 2020, and once again, i am going through Some Shit™. i’m not sure the kind of shit really matters. well, i don’t know … maybe. but i find myself thinking about things that i want to get down, which i think some people might find interesting. and when better to cultivate an audience than in quarantine, when the other options are like watching paint dry, rewatching season 3 of NCIS, eating another box of cookies or reading a blog post by this person you knew from elementary school/that one job once/the east bay hiking meetup trip to point reyes? frankly, i like those odds.

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